New Suzuki 200HP Outboard Engine DF200 2021 - SALE !!

Unusually the Suzuki DF200 has a 55-degree V6 DOHC powerhead compared to the 60 degrees favoured by other outboard motor manufacturers. The engine is oversquare with a cylinder bore way larger than the piston stroke to reduce piston speeds at higher rpm and the 54amp voltage regulated alternator is under the flywheel eliminating the need for any belts. To reduce gearcase torpedo diameter but still retain a reasonably deep reduction ratio, Suzuki opted for reduction gearing at the crankshaft in addition to the gearcase, pushing the powerhead weight farther forward and raising the combined ratio to a deep 2.29:1. This effectively converts engine torque to thrust at the prop and enables efficient coarse-pitch props to be swung without creating unnecessary hydrodynamic drag. Powerhead access is good, with the fuel and engine oil filters easily reached and all wiring is neatly laid out as expected of a Japanese outboard. Valve clearance adjustment is needed only every 400 hours but requires removing the camshafts to set the shims, not an easy task. Surely the feeler gauge and spanner system adjustment of valve clearances would have been the better route, but all engine manufacturers have their own ideas of what works. To reduce sump oil dilution that occurs with all four-stroke outboards during extended trolling periods, the sump capacity is a massive 8lt, 30 to 40 per cent larger than some of the competition. The Suzuki DF200 may have an SUV engine but it has been marinised well. Suzuki recommends its own Motul-made FCW (Four Cycle Watercooled) SAE 10W40 oil intended for all ambient temperatures. Engine oil and filter changes are recommended every 100 hours or annually after the first 20 hours and providing this is done by an authorised Suzuki Outboards dealer, the recreational warranty is five years.
Engine Type DOHC 16-valve
Horsepower 200 hp
Displacement 175.9 ci (2,867 cc)
Bore x Stroke 3.81 x 3.81 in.
(97 x 97 mm)
RPM 5,500 - 6,100
Fuel Induction Multi-point
sequential EFI
Ignition Solid state direct
Starting Electric
Gear Ratio 2.50:1
Alternator 12V 44A
Transom Height 20 in.
Weight 498 lbs.
Steering Remote
Trim System Power trim and tilt
Propeller Options 17 - 27.5


Suzuki DF200TX outboard motor

Mounted on a Cruise Craft Outsider 625 and pushing a total of 1800kg, including three adults, the demo Suzuki DF200 outboard provided plenty of top-end speed with relaxed and frugal midrange cruising. It started instantly hot or cold with no oil smoke appearing and providing the antiventilation plate was kept at least three-quarters immersed, power astern with the massive 16 x 20in Suzuki stainless steel prop was very good. The remote-control box had a positive yet smooth shifting operation.

Idling along, only a slight tremor ran through the Cruise Craft Outsider 625 and above 1000rpm there was absolutely no vibration, so if you want flab reduction the Suzuki DF200 definitely isn’t the way to go. Holeshot was good but the engine really came alive over 3000rpm. When I floored the throttle lever from these revs my unsuspecting co-tester Richard Ardizzone was thrown clear across the cockpit to the stern lounge. Thank God there was one!

Running at 3000rpm the hull was fully planing and this rpm would be ideal for long offshore runs returning excellent midrange fuel efficiency. The forte of any four-stroke engine is midrange rpm efficiency and the Suzy didn’t disappoint.

Through tight turns at 4000rpm with the leg trimmed in there was no prop ventilation, just steep hull banking common to all deep-vee hulls. At or near wide open throttle the Suzy was so quiet we could all talk normally at the helm.

Valve clearance complications aside, the V6 Suzuki DF200 outboard motor is well designed and engineered and with scheduled maintenance and regular freshwater flushing should provide years of trouble-free enjoyment. Its massive piston displacement is the largest of all the 200hp outboards, so the engine is completely under-stressed. It won’t reduce flab but neither will it encourage tinnitus!
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  • Model: DF200
  • Manufacturer: SUZUKI

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